How do I restore a wallet using iCloud Backup?

iCloud Backup is an optional but convenient feature available on the BRD app that allows users to restore wallets from one iOS device to another. 

You can use this feature to restore a wallet on your device as long as:

  • You are on the latest version of the BRD iOS app
  • iCloud Keychain is on, fully synced and has not been disabled since iCloud Backup was enabled for your wallet
  • You have the PIN used on the wallet that you would like to recover

Here are the steps to using iCloud Backup to restore a wallet:

1.   On the device you would like to restore the wallet on, install and launch the BRD app. At the prompt, select Restore from iCloud Backup.

2.  On the next page, unlock iCloud Backup by typing the PIN you used on the wallet you want to recover.

3.  Only default wallets will be displayed on the home screen after recovery.  If you hold other cryptocurrencies other than the ones displayed after recovery, use the Manage Wallets page to add any wallets that are not on the home screen. Visit this page for help with adding wallets.

4.  Leave the app open and on the screen until all wallets are synced.  If you hold bitcoin in the BRD app, turn FastSync on by following the steps here.



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