Why is my transaction taking too long to send?

When you send a transaction with the BRD app, it is immediately sent to the network to be confirmed. If your outgoing transaction has been pending for more than an hour, this can be due to the following:

  • The wallet needs to be synced with the blockchain
    • A transaction may not be broadcasted to the cryptocurrency network if the wallet is not synced
    • An out of sync wallet can cause a completed transaction to appear as pending
    • If you are having issues syncing, visit this page
  • A low fee setting was selected
    • For some of the supported cryptocurrencies in the app, the fee settings can be changed by tapping on the icon that appears beside the fee after you enter the amount you would like to send
    • There are 3 fee options available: Priority (completes in approximately 30 mins), Regular (completes in approximately 1 hour) and Economy (takes more than an hour to complete) 
  • There is an increase in the number of transactions on the cryptocurrency network, causing congestion and delays that are not under BRD's control
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