How long will it take for a transaction to arrive in my BRD wallet?

Cryptocurrency transactions are processed by the cryptocurrency network in order to become confirmed. Transactions which pay a higher network fee get processed faster, and if your transaction is taking a long time to confirm it could mean the sender included a network fee that was too low.

Occasionally, even transactions that have paid an adequate fee can still take extra time to be processed by the network. We have no control over this process, and the only option is to wait for the network to process your transaction.

Your transaction will be marked "Pending" until it has received 6 confirmations on the network. Once the necessary confirmations have been received, the transaction will be marked "Complete".

The process of confirming transactions happens outside of your the BRD app and is not within our control.

If a transaction does not appear in your wallet, this may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your wallet needs to be synced to the blockchain. Click here to learn more about syncing your wallet.
  • Your incoming transaction has been dropped from the network. This can happen when the transaction remains unconfirmed for several weeks. When a transaction is dropped from the network, the funds are returned to the sender’s address. Ensuring that an adequate network transaction fee is attached to your transaction can help prevent this.
  • The funds you are expecting to receive in your BRD wallet have been mistakenly sent to the wrong address. Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible so always make sure that the person sending you funds is using the correct address. 
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