How can I send cryptocurrency from the BRD app?

In your BRD app, a wallet is available for the supported cryptocurrencies you own.  Follow these steps to send cryptocurrency from your wallet:

  1. On the main screen, tap the wallet for the cryptocurrency you would like to send.
  2. Tap Send at the bottom.
  3. Enter the address you are sending funds to.  There are several ways to do this:
    • Tap on Scan and scan the QR code from the receiving wallet.
    • Copy the receiving wallet’s address and paste it in the To field.
    • Manually type the recipient’s address and double check to make sure that it is accurate.  Some cryptocurrency addresses are case sensitive.
  4. Enter the amount you would like to send.  For your convenience, you can toggle the amount between cryptocurrency units or your local currency by tapping the currency box in the Amount field.
  5. In some wallets, a Processing Speed section is available so you can select your preferred network fee setting.
  6. Add an internal memo in the Memo field.  This is optional.  Internal memos are only visible to you and is not sent to the receiving party. If the receiving wallet requires a memo or tag to be added to your transaction, please see the notes below.
  7. Tap Send, verify that the transaction details are correct, and confirm the payment with your PIN or fingerprint.


Important: If cryptocurrency is sent to the wrong address, it can not be refunded. When sending cryptocurrency, always check to make sure the address you are sending to is the same as the one that was given to you.


NOTE:  If you are sending Bitcoin Cash, XRP, or Hedera, here are some items to take note of:

Bitcoin Cash

The BRD app uses the "CashAddr" format for bitcoin cash addresses.  This is a format that encodes your bitcoin cash address so you do not accidentally send bitcoin to a bitcoin cash address and vice versa. The BRD bitcoin cash wallet uses this format to protect our customers from loss of funds.


Some wallets require a Destination Tag to be indicated when an XRP transaction is sent to them.  This needs to be indicated in the Destination Tag field before the transaction is sent.


Some wallets require a Hedera Memo to be indicated when an HBAR transaction is sent to them.  This needs to be indicated in the Hedera Memo field before the transaction is sent.





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