The BRD app couldn't be authenticated on Android.

The BRD app uses the hardware encryption of Android phones to secure each user's funds. In order to access this system, it requires the user to enter their device passcode or provide a fingerprint. 

A bug in some versions of Android can cause this authentication to not work, in which case the BRD app can not access the user's wallet. This issue has been fixed in Android version 8 and above.

If you are experiencing this problem, update to Android 8 or higher. If your phone is unable to use Android 8, you can try the following, however there are some risks:

  1. Make sure your recovery phrase is written down.
  2. In the Android settings, remove all fingerprints and device authentication by setting the screen lock setting to "none". This will erase all data protected by the hardware encryption, including your BRD wallet data. Other apps may be affected as well, so proceed with caution.
  3. Re-enable lock screen authentication and re-register your fingerprints for fingerprint authentication.
  4. Open the BRD app and restore your wallet with the recovery phrase.

This solution might not work on all phones. We suggest users update to Android 8 or a newer version as soon as possible. 

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