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Introducing BRD Secure Checkout. The simple and secure way to run your ICO.

The ICO market is constantly growing and evolving, but trying to participate in an ICO is still confusing, error prone, and insecure. That's why we've built BRD Secure Checkout, the easiest and most secure way to back the best projects in blockchain technology.

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BRD Secure Checkout in action. August 15th is launching their blockchain-based GCSP platform, which looks to enable savings close to 6 billion USD while reducing CO2 emissions by 5 million tons across the entire container shipping community.

They were looking for a better way to run their ICO, and BRD's experience in registering, purchasing, and storing crypto assets made us the perfect partner.

The ICO went live on BRD Secure Checkout on August 15th.

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We make happy clients.

Peter Ludvigsen, CEO & Founder of

It was crucial for us to have an ICO process as simple and secure as our own platform. BRD Secure Checkout provided everything we were looking for in an end-to-end solution.

Michael Juul Rugaard, co-founder of Norfico

BRD’s relentless focus on quality and customer experience combined with their global reach makes them the strongest distribution partner we could wish for, and we are very proud that BRD has chosen to work with Norfico and with Blockshipping as the very first ICO on the BRD Secure Checkout platform.