Brent Traidman

Senior VP of Sales

Portrait of Brent Traidman

Brent Traidman

Senior VP of Sales

Brent Traidman is the SVP of Sales and Business Development at BRD. Brent has led the revenue side of BRD since 2017, having initiated the strategic partnership agreements with industry leading financial services companies offered to BRD’s 8 million users in over 170 countries. Brent also leads the sales team who is focusing on selling BRD’s newest enterprise SaaS application, Blockset.

Brent has over 18 years of experience leading high impact growth software companies, of which many have had successful exits. Prior to BRD, Brent worked for Vista Equity Partners, leading some of their software companies from a revenue and sales perspective, as well as being a Venture Partner for a San Jose based Venture Capital firm.

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