Come work with us. Shape a revolution from the start.

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is currently in the very early stages - similar to the internet back in the 90's. We have the rare opportunity to significantly shape the future of this new technology, to make it easy for humans to use, and to open the door to true disruption on a global scale. BRD is all about bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses, and fully realizing the potential of what we see as the greatest invention since the internet.

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We believe that all people have the right to directly own their wealth. Our mission is to make direct wealth ownership universally secure, accessible, and enjoyable.

We’re moving money forward. Financial freedom for everyone.

Our goal is to empower people across the globe by leveraging the possibilities that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide. Whether it's bringing financial services to society, making advancements in the future of money, or providing new capabilities that were previously thought impossible, we put our passion into our work and it shows.

We achieve this goal by focusing on the experience we provide our users. We measure success by the ease with which new and non-technical users can get started using our products, and by the high level of security we are able to offer behind the scenes. Many believe crypto can be either easy or secure, but not both; we have broken the mold and proved that is not true.

Bring on the benefits. Happy employees are... well, happy employees.

  • Health, dental, and vision
  • Wellness benefits
  • Parental leave
  • Flexible work hours
  • Unlimited vacation time
  • Generous bonus structure
  • Professional development
  • Home office stipend

Wait, you're remote native? Always have been.

Even before things got crazy, we had a distributed team all over the world. If you've worked remote before, you'll fit right in. If you haven't, we offer a generous stipend to get your home office setup so you can work as comfortably as possible.

Work-life balance is important to everyone here (except Michael), and we strive to ensure that everyone on the team has time for family, mental health, and personal improvement.

Open Positions

Open positions.

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