Top 10 Crypto Memes

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on Aug 15, 2019

Let’s be honest, crypto is more than intellectually stimulating. The entire community is extremely entertaining. With funny music videos and lingo like “HODL” “moon” and “lambos” there’s no denying the never-ending feed of hilarious content and drama.

In honor of all the creativity in the space, we present you with the Top 10 Crypto Memes to date!

10. Bob Ross: Smiling Moon

We’ll start nice and calm with Bob Ross painting the rising charts with a smiling moon right there on top. Bob Ross making it into crypto is legendary.

9. Carlos Matos Bitconnect

A throwback to Carlos Matos for promoting Bitconnect, a clear scam. Carlos seemed genuinely unaware that he was promoting a scam, but his meme-worthy personality kept him in the limelight years later.

8. Endless hours staring at crypto charts

We all know trading crypto is super addicting, but there can be upsides! Like staying at work late because you can’t stop looking at the charts. WHEN MOON!

7. Stressful Harold.

While crypto is addicting, it can also be stressful dealing with all of the volatility. Up one minute, down the other. This Harold meme continues to be a watermark in the crypto meme world.

6. I’m in it for the tech!

This meme is a shoutout to all those who are in it for the technology and mission for financial sovereignty! But on the other hand….a lambo would be nice.

5. In a coma

This meme always gets a giggle out of us. Stop looking at the charts for 9 seconds and you might get margin called!

4. That crazy look in your eyes.

If someone asks you to explain Bitcoin, you can’t help but seem crazy.

3. Follow the rules!

Everyone knows to buy the rumor, sell the news. But if you forget, you will forever be this guy.

2. I was told there would be lambos.

Throughout the 2018 bear run, this meme was everywhere, representing the disappointment.

1. Bogdanoff meme.

The Bagdanoff twins are probably the most noteworthy memes in the scene. They have been used in other gifs and videos that went viral and are used again and again. Never gets old. PAAMP IT!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Are there other memes that you think should be included? Let us know by tweeting at us! And if you liked this, we will present other types of content in the future such as music videos and gifs.

- BRD Team

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