Tier 5 Reward: the BRD Security Package

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on Oct 29, 2019

We are excited to announce that Tier 5 of our Rewards Membership program is available, which includes the delivery of a physical BRD Security Package.

The BRD Security Package comes with your very own Cryptosteel. A special device for storing your 12-word recovery key. Instead of storing your recovery key on a piece of paper, you can now have it created on your Cryptosteel, which will protect your keys from unexpected forces such as fire, water, or physical crushing. It comes with a set of metal characters that you can slide on your Cryptosteel.

Ultimately, it’s an excellent way to keep your funds safe for the long term.

It’s vital that your Cryptosteel be kept in a safe location, as anybody with access to it will also gain access to your digital assets. For some examples of safe and unsafe locations, see below:


- A home safe

- A bank safety deposit box

- A unique hiding spot (one that cannot be stumbled upon nor easily found)


- A dresser drawer

- With another person (such as your lawyer)

- A common hiding spot (such as under the mattress or in a medicine cabinet)

You will also notice that your Cryptosteel has room for two Recovery Keys. For individuals with a substantial amount of digital assets, we recommend using a dual "hot/cold" BRD configuration. A hot wallet is used for everyday access and a cold wallet stores assets that you don't plan on accessing often. 

Presumably, your hot wallet will be on your personal phone and while it is safe from virtual hacking, it is not safe from what is called the "$5 wrench attack," meaning that somebody could threaten you with physical harm to steal your funds.

Luckily, you can use the BRD app for cold storage as well, similar to a hardware wallet, and it's just as secure. The solution is to simply create a second BRD wallet to store the majority of your digital assets. For this, we recommend using a second device, such as an older smartphone, which is then turned off, disconnected from the internet, and stored in a safe place.

If you do decide to have multiple wallets on a single device (WARNING: Make sure you have your Recovery Key before unlinking), you will need to go to Menu -> Security Settings -> Unlink Device to create a new wallet and then switch between hot and cold wallets. If using a second device, the process for initiating a wallet is straightforward. Back up your cold wallet's Recovery Key by using the Cryptosteel, and then send the funds.

And voila! With your Cryptosteel safely stored, the majority of your funds in your cold BRD wallet, and the balance of your funds in your hot BRD wallet for daily use, you are prepared for whatever the future holds.

This is our Tier 5 reward with a threshold of 5,000 BRD held in the app. When your BRD Security package arrives, please refer to the Cryptosteel instructions to begin setup.

Thank you for choosing BRD, and don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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