The Road to "Augustus"

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on Apr 5, 2018

This week, BRD is proud to launch full support for Ethereum within the app, giving Ethereum holders the ability to send, receive, and store ETH securely with a friendly and intuitive user interface.

The beauty of this solution is that your ETH address is automatically created from your paper key, the same one that gives you access to your BTC and BCH, so no matter which assets you hold in the app, the only thing you need to keep safe is your secret 12 words. If your phone gets lost, stolen, broken, or upgraded, your paper key will magically regenerate your wallet in a new phone.

Any asset you hold in the BRD app is strictly yours. The value of decentralization is that you alone hold the keys to your funds, and nobody else, including us, can access them or restrict their use. You don’t need to worry about exchanges getting hacked or servers going down, because blockchain networks are always up and running, 24/7. The future of finance will be simple, secure, and private: all qualities the BRD app provides today!

This release marks the beginning of the home stretch for our most highly anticipated feature-set: token support (ERC20), to which we have assigned the codename “Augustus.” The Augustus launch is slated for the next monthly release cycle, and will be packed with upgrades and additional functionality, bringing us one step closer to our vision of being the world’s largest decentralized financial institution; a partner that you can depend on without having to trust.

To celebrate this transition, BRD is conducting a major airdrop of BRD tokens starting in mid-April and continuing through the arrival of Augustus. Because your ETH receive address is the same as your BRD token address, you are able to register for the airdrop even before the Augustus release is available. Registration will begin in a couple weeks, with participation details coming soon.

We would like to thank the Ethereum community for their support and feedback. Your input has given us the inspiration to create what we believe is the most elegant ETH implementation available, putting you in confident control of your coins. We look forward to your continued engagement and advice.

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