Simplifying Global Payments with PayID

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on Jun 18, 2020

Sending funds between different crypto addresses has its share of frustrations. We know firsthand, hence our mission as a wallet, which is to make sending, receiving, and holding cryptocurrencies as simple as possible.

This is why BRD is proud to join the Open Payments Coalition, alongside more than 40 global companies and nonprofits. The Open Payments Coalition is supporting PayID functionality. PayID is an easy-to-remember payment ID that you create to send and receive money of any kind, like crypto or USD. The goal here is to break down the functional barriers that exist in payments and change the way people send money around the world.

PayID allows you to send and receive money with any payment network of your choosing. Instead of memorizing account numbers, routing numbers, or copying and pasting cryptocurrency addresses, you can use your PayID which is as easy as remembering an email address. This not only makes sending and receiving money simple but cuts down on human error too, making payments safer.

The best part: PayID is free, open to anyone, and easy to integrate. PayID reaches 100 million consumers worldwide thanks to the strong coalition and partnerships supporting the movement. BRD is implementing PayID into the application, to make sending and receiving cryptocurrencies as easy as possible - creating a new industry standard.

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