Our vision: Move your money forward

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on Oct 4, 2019

An estimated 1.7 billion adults remain unbanked in today's world. With a total population of 7.7 billion people, that makes for 22% or more of the globe having zero access to banking opportunities. This results in limited options for investing and saving for the future, hurting quality of life. On top of that, nations like Venezuela or Zimbabwe have witnessed hyperinflation, devaluing their local currency and causing families wealth to diminish. For Zimbabwe, the peak hyperinflation rate was in mid-November of 2008 with a 79,600,000,000% inflation rate per month! This causes mistrust in government, increases crime, and fosters a poor living environment with virtually no outlet to financial self-sustainability.

As technology advances and the world becomes more interconnected through the web, we as people are enabled to rebuild a new vision for global banking, which would protect individuals from local country politics and provide an outlet to preserve wealth. Specifically, blockchain technology is what enables us to create decentralized, independent financial networks, which fuels the cryptocurrency industry we see today for a global, transparent and cheap-to-use financial system.

In an effort to both bank the unbanked and provide a hedge for the banked, BRD aims to make cryptocurrencies available to everyone, opening the opportunity to take part in crypto-based lending, trading, and advisory to growing wealth, all while individuals maintain direct ownership of their funds. Our goal is to bring the number of people unbanked from 1.7 billion to 0.

Rather than having no options other than using local currency, we encourage everyone to move their money forward by taking part in this exciting, liberating, and global financial network being built.

Direct wealth ownership

Even for those who are incorporated with a bank, if you have to ask a bank to send or receive your money, do you really own it? Banks can deny requests for purchasing items, sending funds across the world, or refuse your business altogether. There are countless stories across the web of banks denying customers just for wanting to purchase bitcoin. But, what gives them this right?

The largest benefit of the cryptocurrency movement is that people can now directly own their wealth. With an entire industry of banking-like services being built aside these networks, people can choose to take part in virtually any service they wish without asking for permission.

Ensure your financial sovereignty

Keep in mind there is no global currency. As stated above, some countries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela have witnessed hyperinflation devaluing their local economy. Once a home country’s currency is devalued, the buying power for anything, including other currencies is reduced which makes it difficult to make opportunities in another country.

Thanks to crypto, as long as your bitcoin and other digital assets are stored in a non-custodial wallet like BRD, people can travel from war-torn places or falling economies and be assured that their assets are secured globally on the blockchain network, ready to be redeemed at will.

Move your money forward

Ultimately, this is not about crypto or blockchain, these are just tools available to us at this time. We’re not here to speculate on assets or make a quick buck - it’s about bettering current and future generations through wealth preservation.

The right to direct wealth ownership is a significant bulwark against corruption, unjust impediment, and promotes education around money ownership. Especially as we move to the digital age where all data and actions are tracked, it’s increasingly important to emulate physical cash to the digital world. Everyone should have the right to choose when and where to use their money, unencumbered by external forces, just like cash has enabled us for centuries before.

And most excitingly, we believe that a world of direct wealth ownership opens up possibilities and innovations that were previously unthinkable within the old systems. We want to be part of this innovation and help everyone around the globe move their money forward.

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