Long-anticipated “Augustus” release is finally here!

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on May 1, 2018

Our wallet is different. We focus on three key areas that we believe are the most important for mainstream adoption of digital assets: security, simplicity, and privacy. When you use the BRD app, you alone control your private keys, and nobody else, including us, has visibility or access to your transaction history or balances.

We started this journey as a bitcoin wallet, but the cryptocurrency ecosystem is always evolving and we are working hard to keep up. This update, codenamed “Augustus,” is our biggest update ever and marks a major milestone on our journey from simple bitcoin wallet to decentralized financial platform. Users who have the latest BRD iOS update, coming out today, will enjoy the following new features:

ERC20 token support

Users now have the ability to store, send, and receive the top 100 most popular ERC20 tokens. The token space is rapidly evolving, with new projects and applications every day. We want to be on the forefront of this innovation and this is just the beginning of what we have in store.

Secure digital asset trading

Not only can you store and use your favorite assets and tokens within the BRD app, but you can also trade them! Exchanges offer a great service, but to use them, you must deposit your funds and rely on the exchange to keep them safe for you. This is usually not a problem, but the cryptocurrency world is a dangerous place, and we have all heard stories of exchanges getting hacked or otherwise losing funds.

So how can you trade without relying on someone else to keep you safe? It’s easy. Use BRD! We’ve integrated a revolutionary exchange platform to allow you to trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and ERC20 tokens, all while keeping them in your wallet and under your direct control. Trade freely, and sleep well when using BRD.

Wallet management

The future of finance is all about you, the individual. And because everybody has different preferences, we’ve built a simple method for adding and hiding wallets. Now you can list and order the assets that you like, and leave the rest out of view.

BRD rewards platform

Now that you can store the BRD token within our app, you’re part of the thriving BRD ecosystem. With these tokens, and your unique Rewards ID (found under Settings > About), you will find a steady stream of discounts and perks become available to you as we mature. Our future as a company depends on the utility of the BRD token within the app, and we look forward to unlocking these benefits for millions of users around the globe.

Free BRD!

To celebrate this launch, we are conducting a 4-week airdrop registration, with a limited number of spots available each week. There are two remaining weeks to grab a spot before the final distribution—phase 3 will open soon! Check here for availability.

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