Never Lose Your Recovery Key with iCloud Backup

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on Sep 28, 2020

The BRD team has spent months considering the most secure ways for consumers to back up their funds.

As newcomers enter the space and even OGs continue to interact, we see firsthand the mistakes people make in not backing up their recovery keys and thus, losing their funds. With our backup functionality implemented, it should undoubtedly make the cryptocurrency experience safer for everyone.

To keep things brief, we analyzed projects like 1Password (which uses CloudKit, but has their own end-to-end encryption) and others to gain a sense of their security practices.

There are two main Apple ‘Cloud’ products: CloudKit and iCloud Keychain backup. Unlike CloudKit, iCloud Keychain sync is the direction we chose since it is inherently encrypted end-to-end. And even more, the private key itself is encrypted with a pin. Additionally, when your funds are backed up, it’s not stored in a folder easily found. Only the BRD application’s code can see the folder. It will not show up in a browser or finder anywhere.

We will post a more technical description of our analysis and solution for anyone who wants to dive in deeper. There is no Android solution today because it is simply not up to par with our security comfort level as a non-custodial solution.

But, for now, the functionality is live and you can enable it by going to:

Menu > Security Settings > iCloud Backup > Toggle On


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