BRD Enables Human-Readable Cryptocurrency Addresses

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on Jul 21, 2021

We are pleased to announce the integration of Unstoppable Domains, which allows all BRD users to send and receive cryptocurrencies using human readable addresses.

Instead of managing several long strings of 25-42 alphanumeric characters that make up cryptocurrency addresses, you can now tie addresses across multiple blockchain to one universal wallet address, much like having your own cryptocurrency username. BRD will be supporting .crypto domains, with the intent of enabling .wallet domains in the future.

An estimated 4% of bitcoin are lost each year and one of the main reasons is due to the complexities around the inherent unnatural strings of characters that make up cryptocurrency addresses. If a person miscopies an address, then those funds can be lost forever with no path to retrieve them back.

Much of this painful user experience related to sending and receiving cryptocurrencies is now relieved thanks to these domains, which are essentially crypto usernames acting as your universal wallet address for mostly all your crypto needs.

Go to Unstoppable Domains to claim your universal, everlasting crypto address. No renewal fees ever! Once you purchase your domain, it is yours forever and stored in your wallet as an NFT. Simply type your new address in the send or receive fields when using BRD and you’re set!

If you have any questions or issues please reach out to us, [email protected]

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