Employee Spotlight: Spencer Chen

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on Jun 15, 2018

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What's the single most exciting thing for you about crypto?

I get most excited when I think our ability to fundamentally change people's relationships with money. The things that give me anxiety about money today are the the same things that gave my parents anxiety about money twenty years ago. Nothing has changed.

Cryptocurrencies can remove much of the friction and reliance on 3rd parties for most financial processes. And when we do that, we give more power and control back to the people.

People are most content when they're in full control of their destiny, not dependent on anyone but themselves.

Personal belief about how you go about your job?


I've been a part of a couple of seismic shifts in consumer behavior; truly breakthrough and sustaining changes in how people interact with information, content, and other people. One was in the online commerce space and the other was digital video. Both took a decade to get from hyped up prototypes to massive adoption.

It'll take a decade and then some to actualize the critical mass that will make a global, digital currency an everyday reality.

But it'll be SO worth it.

Most exhilarating thing you've experienced at BRD?

I'm always asking vendors for a discount since I've been running marketing for startups. A few months ago I was at the Apple Store picking up all my new work gear and during checkout, I was bugging the salesperson for a discount.

She tried to pull up BRD (Bread Wallet back then) to see if we had a corporate discount and asked what we do.

I hesitated and finally responded, "Well, it's blockchain related stuff, it's cool if you don't know what that is...my family has no idea what I do for work."

Without missing a beat, she pulled her iPhone out to show me her bitcoin holdings.

Mind blown.

I was up at 5:00 AM the next morning doing work email, still pumped up from the reminder who we're building this for...everyone.

Most challenging thing you've experienced at BRD?

The scammers, the fast-money, the frauds in our industry. What the regulators and consumer advocates do not embrace is the simple fact that we want them out of the industry faster than they do.

They're confusing the consumers and eroding people's trust in blockchain applications before we've even had a chance demonstrate its full potential.

Quote you live by?

"It's better to be quotable than to be honest." - Tom Stoppard

I'm not advocating lying at all but I am advocating being a great storyteller.

A little anecdote: One of my first startup jobs had me traveling around with our CEO, who was an early Apple employee. He would tell the most entertaining war stories about those early days. I noticed that the stories themselves kept getting quite embellished over time.

But that wasn't the point. He told stories that inspired partners and customers, and acquainted people to his belief system.

I hope we all will have the opportunity in the near future to talk about blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in the same fashion. From the perspective of people...not standards, protocols, and specifications.

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