Employee Spotlight: James MacWhyte

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on Jul 13, 2018

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How do you measure the success of BRD?

Crypto is becoming more and more popular, and yet it still remains complicated to understand. This is especially true for people who are first getting started! If you have been involved in crypto for a while, you have most likely talked about it to someone and had them ask the question, “Ok, so how do I start?” In my mind, BRD is trying to be more than just an easy way to buy and trade cryptocurrency; we are trying to become the defacto tool for getting started with, and using, crypto. Instead of doing a bunch of research on Wikipedia, finding a bitcoin exchange, picking a wallet, and hoping you don’t mess up when trying to withdraw your first bitcoin, we want to make the experience as easy as downloading a single app and having everything you need at your fingertips. If you are able to tell a random person “just download BRD!” and they can figure it all out without needing any further hand-holding, we have achieved our goal.

What originally drew you to BRD?

We often talk about how we offer a simple user experience while keeping your funds secure and private, but not many people understand just how difficult that is. It’s relatively easy to make a wallet that is simple to use (but insecure with no privacy protections), and it’s relatively easy to make a wallet that is secure and private (but with a very complicated user interface that is unintuitive and confusing). It is very difficult to make a wallet that is both secure and private while also being easy to use, which is why not many people try! Many of our competitors have taken the easy way out and have chosen weak security models that are easy to code, but jeopardize the safety of their users. At BRD, we always strive to do what some consider to be the impossible, and offer security, privacy, and the utmost ease of use all at the same time. This is something I’ve always been proud of, and is probably what excites me the most about BRD.

When did you buy your first bitcoin?

June 2012! It’s been a wild 6 years!

What is your biggest personal or professional achievement to date?

I used to live in Japan and worked in the film and music industries there. One thing led to another, and I ended up joining the backing band for a well-known pop star. For 5 years we performed together in music videos, on TV shows, and even did a couple live events, the biggest of which was in front of 35,000 people! So I guess you could say #I’mBigInJapan.

Quote you live by?

“Make no judgements.”

My grandmother lived by this creed, which I found to be an inspiration. Nothing in life is black and white, and everyone will have a different point of view. It’s easy to jump to conclusions and assume people are acting out of spite or malice, but this is often not the case. I always try to understand why people choose to do the things they do, and give them a chance to better convey their thoughts and intentions. In the end, if they still make a choice that I don’t agree with, I let it go and chalk it up to nothing more than a difference of viewpoint.

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