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Canadian Users: Get $10 Back When Purchasing BTC or ETH

Apr 17, 2020

Canadian users get $10 back when buying $100 with Coinberry through BRD!

Coinberry has been integrated into the BRD app for a while, but they continue to help us serve our Canadian userbase to the maximum potential. They are one of the cheapest, fastest, and easiest ways to purchase cryptocurrency. You can get your crypto in seconds with the ability to purchase using credit card, wire, or most notably, e-Transfer, for near-instant account funding and quick KYC. BRD users can buy BTC and ETH via Coinberry with a special deal.

Here’s the deal:

Canadian users who buy $100+ get $10 back.

To start buying with Coinberry in BRD:

- Open the BRD app and press buy (select CAD)

- Sign up using Coinberry as directed in the BRD app

- Fund your Coinberry account via credit card, wire transfer, or e-Transfer

- Complete your purchase, and then store your funds in your BRD wallet

To claim and qualify:

- Click “claim” on your Coinberry dashboard once you register

- Deposit at least $100 in your account

- Complete (1) and (2) within 48 hours

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