BIG Milestone Achieved! Let’s Celebrate!!

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on Jul 30, 2019

Join us in celebrating the growth of BRD and the industry as a whole. Take part in this one time, 24-hour opportunity to quickly become a BRD Rewards member. (5 min read)

It’s time to celebrate! We are witnessing a momentum-defining year here at BRD, both in terms of a shift in broader usability of BRD and also expansive growth. From Trump tweets to congressional hearings, crypto is back in the spotlight after a 17-month downtrend. While many crypto companies experienced extreme headwinds throughout 2018, BRD kept doubling down with big investments within the industry after completing our $32M ICO at the end of 2017. We put those funds to work and have now achieved a major milestone that we are so excited to share with you.

In this post, we’ll share our journey over the past two years, the incredible milestone we’ve recently hit, and lastly, tell you about an awesome, 24-hour giveaway that will end July 31, 2019 - in celebration of this achievement.

We’re more than a wallet. We’re also a business.

Many don’t know this, but BRD (formerly breadwallet) was created out of real necessity in the market. Co-founder Aaron Voisine developed the BRD wallet after an unfortunate experience of losing bitcoins during a transaction, mostly as a result of the very poor UX with web exchanges in the early days of crypto. After much discouragement, Aaron put his head down and created the most secure, free, open source wallet for the public to use. Aaron even helped write BIP39 which introduced the concept of 12-word record keys to the industry.

The decision to open source much of our development is to ensure the long-term health and adoption of the crypto industry and little to do with commercialization - i.e. profit - for BRD. We remain firm believers that until all crypto investors have a safe and unhackable environment to store all their crypto assets, there won’t be a real foundation to build the next layer of services for the broader market.

Launched in mid-2014, the breadwallet was the first mobile wallet in the App Store. By the end of 2017, the breadwallet install base had reached nearly 1M globally spurred by great reviews and even better word-of-mouth. Additionally, over $6B USD worth of crypto assets were being protected under the breadwallet brand. Aaron’s initial vision had come to fruition.

BUT having a free, open source wallet wasn’t going to get BRD to the endgame. We needed more talented engineers, support, ops, BD, and marketing folks to help build a complete, end-to-end service for all consumers. A secure service where everyday consumers can also buy and trade all their crypto assets. And that was going to cost money.

The Expansion Begins

The $32M in funds raised from the ICO had a deliberate purpose: to hire the right staff, perform the right research, and integrate with the right partners to achieve our goals. We didn’t want to replace exchanges, but we did want to provide a solution to buy, sell, and trade crypto; not only hold, send, and receive. We also set out to provide real utility through our BRD token rewards system, such as discounted fees and live phone support.

It was also crucial for us to create a more engaging experience. Before, it was not uncommon for many of our best users to only fire up their BRD app once every few months. This was, in fact, the best use of a mobile wallet (at that time). But, we aspired to be a larger part of every crypto enthusiast’s life.

At the beginning of 2018, we began to accelerate towards that goal by partnering with companies like Wyre, which allows US customers to purchase crypto, and then Coinberry for Canada, Coinify for the EU, Simplex for other countries, and Changelly for convenient trading. These partnerships enabled us to serve 171 countries to the best of our ability. We decided to partner with multiple companies so that we can offer the best solution possible for each jurisdiction we serve. To us, it’s a slow and steady race to offering quality services, not rushing products that meet user demands in a mediocre fashion.

Milestone Achieved

Jump to today, the second half of 2019, and we are surpassing our goals with flying colors.

Before the ICO, we were climbing towards 1 million users who used our app half a dozen times a year. Now, through our concerted efforts these past 18 months, we have more than doubled our global install base to nearly 2.5 million users with more engagement than ever. We’ve experienced over a 6x increase in monthly users since January 2018. This keeps our prestige high, investors happy, and most importantly, ensures that we are here to stay.

Celebration Time!

This is more than a metric to the entire team at BRD. This phenomenal growth among our active users represents a real shift towards a tipping point that we have long envisioned. We are now at a point where any crypto investor can experience the confidence of having their assets secured in an unhackable environment while simultaneously enjoying the convenience of integrated buying and trading. It’s no longer a tradeoff between one or the other.

We couldn’t be more thrilled about this major achievement! To celebrate this milestone, we want to offer a unique opportunity for our users to gain BRD tokens which will also qualify you to be an eligible BRD Rewards member instantly! BRD Rewards members enjoy long-term benefits, such as getting heavily discounted fees, live phone support, and more.

Here’s what you get:

- 1,000 BRD tokens

- Which automatically makes you an eligible BRD Rewards member.

To qualify, simply:

- Buy or trade $5K USD worth in the BRD app from Tuesday, July 30 12 AM PST to Wednesday, July 31 11:59 PM PST.

- Email us your Rewards ID at [email protected]

Then BOOM! You have 1,000 BRD and achieve the Rewards member status instantly!

We thank you for the support and hope you’re as excited as we are.

To the moon!

- BRD Team

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