Breadwallet for Android Open Beta

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on Jun 21, 2016

We have launched a beta program for Android users that will support up to 1000 users. This is pre-release quality software that should be used at your own risk. Until the wide release please only use Android beta for small amounts of currency.

Breadwallet for Android is only available on devices that support Android Marshmallow or newer. Marshmallow is the first version of Android to support the necessary security and privacy features that allow us to uphold our promise of simplicity and safety of your funds.

If you have Android Marshmallow or newer, you can download the latest beta right now by clicking here.

We have made every effort to make this initial beta release as complete as possible. Of course, there may still be glitches, bugs, or crashes. Just by using the software you are helping us polish it for a final release. If you find any bugs please get in touch with us at our support email address: [email protected]

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