Bread unifies the brand with "BRD."

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on Feb 15, 2018

At Bread, we have committed to respecting our users. However, bitcoin and cryptocurrency are so fundamentally groundbreaking and important, that disagreements about the future have resulted in some users segregating into different camps, each with their own priorities and strongly held beliefs. What do you do when your user-base splits?

The challenge in pitching an inclusive tent large enough for all these groups is two-fold. First, they aren't very fond of one another, and so discourse between them is often charged with emotional or dismissive language that further entrenches mutual distrust. Second, when Bread develops a feature for one group, it can be seen as a sign of favoritism.

Even though this discord makes it challenging to unify these groups under one app, we recognize this as a healthy byproduct of individuals taking strong stances on issues that are important to them. We consider it an honor and a privilege to be a part of this process, regardless of how messy, painful, or disappointing it can be at times.

Bread’s mission is to "financially liberate the individual." This is a pledge to enable all individuals to pursue their decentralized dreams, not just those we agree with, or who we like, or who live in a particular country. We want to liberate everyone, period.

As it stands, with some overlap, Bread has three main customer groups: supporters of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum/ERC20. To each we have an obligation to deliver the best experience possible for their given needs. For each, we refuse to dismiss them based on affiliation. If you self-identify as belonging to one of these camps, we won't encourage you to reach cross the aisle or extend an olive branch (although it wouldn't hurt). We will simply continue to build the best cryptocurrency tools we can, and invite you to use them in whatever way you wish.

In the theme of unification, starting today and with our newest app updates, the Bread logo will be replaced by "BRD," also the symbol for our token. We believe there is room for everyone, and invite you to join us through the ups and downs on this crazy crypto journey.

The real battle is for the 7 billion people who are still stuck in a legacy financial system that doesn't serve their interests. If we unite in this cause, we all win in the end.

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