Find a local crypto ATM near you!

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on Oct 2, 2019

We are excited to re-introduce our crypto ATM map. This is done in partnership with CoinFlip, a leading ATM operator. Part of our partnership includes offering all BRD users a special 10% discount on crypto buys and sells.

Here’s how it works:

1. Access the ATM finder via the menu or while selecting your payment method to buy.

2. Search for a location near you.

3. View the location details (address, open hours).

4. View the discount code (expires weekly on Sundays at midnight CT).

5. Go to the ATM and follow their steps to buy or sell and deposit to the BRD app.

BRD supports the following assets that you can buy or sell for cash via CoinFlip ATMs:



Currently, CoinFlip ATMs are in the US only. To learn more details about CoinFlip ATMs, check out their FAQ page:

Go to an ATM near you and let us know how the experience is.


- BRD Team

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