Our Ripple Partnership

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on Oct 11, 2019

Much of our community has already read the news about BRD’s strategic partnership with Ripple. While the wider press details information about the partnership and involvement with Ripple’s Xpring platform, it’s important for us to provide more insight into our experience working with Ripple thus far and why we’re enthusiastic about the future.

The Community

There’s no denying that Ripple has one of the largest and tight-knit communities. While we knew this from afar, witnessing it firsthand exceeded our expectations. On October 3 when we began to socialize the news across Twitter and other social media outlets, the amount of support and enthusiasm we received from the community was unprecedented.

Additionally, there is the Xpring ecosystem, which is garnering a community of developers to easily integrate XRP in their apps, using the Xpring SDK which supports multiple languages. We are proud to say that we will build on our partnership with Xpring to support XRP, and look forward to interacting from a more technical perspective.

The Ripple Team

Then there is the Ripple team. They have not only endorsed us socially but internally have been there to make this partnership as beneficial as possible, which includes looking to make BRD the cheapest and easiest place to buy XRP. These types of relationships are extremely important for not only moving our business forward but pushing the industry forward. Offering better user experiences is something we always strive for, and Ripple is a tremendous help on that front.

Above all else, we are impressed with the adoption of XRP for real use cases around the remittance, payments and cross-border banking initiatives. As a company that wants to push the usage and adoption of digital assets, Ripple is the ideal partner for us.

We are excited to get more in tune with the Ripple community, team, and broader ecosystem. If you have not yet seen the news, check it out here!

Thank you for the support,

- BRD Team

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