Purchase Crypto in Minutes with Industry Low Fees

By Michael Rosenblat
Published on Jul 18, 2019

We are pleased to announce that all Canadian customers can now purchase bitcoin, ethereum, or bitcoin cash for some of the lowest fees in the industry. Canadian customers will have the ability to purchase using credit card, wire, or most notably, e-Transfer, for near-instant account funding and quick KYC.

This is done in partnership with Coinberry. To start buying, simply:

  1. Open the BRD app and press buy (select CAD)
  2. Sign up using Coinberry as directed in the BRD app
  3. Fund your Coinberry account via credit card, wire transfer, or e-Transfer
  4. Complete your purchase, and then store your funds in your BRD wallet

We specifically chose to partner with Coinberry after confirming a clear alignment in goals of:

  1. Providing the best user experience possible
  2. A high success rate for fast KYC signup
  3. Sourcing the best prices possible for users
  4. Trust in identity security

We have been in close contact with the Coinberry team for several months, and are impressed with what they’ve built as a leading onramp for the Canadian market. This improved offering is something we are beyond enthused to share with you.

To all of our Canadian users: try it out and let us know what you think!

SPECIAL OFFER: For the next 30 days, all Canadian customers who purchase crypto from Coinberry in our app and send the assets back to their BRD wallet will receive a $5 credit in BTC on August 31 to their Coinberry account.

Don't have the app? Click here to download 

Already a user? Click here to get to the buy screen


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